Textures #02

‘Mayor, is that you?’

‘Yes, what do you want?’

‘There’s been an accident.’

‘What accident? What are you saying? Who was involved? I say, don’t tell me it was her?’

‘Sir, I’m very sorry. She was involved. I wished I could tell you otherwise, but it’s the truth.’

‘Was he there too? Is that what you mean?’


‘Boy! God’dammit! Don’t go quiet on me like that. Just you tell me and I’ll take care of the rest!’

‘Yes, Sir. I don’t know, Sir. They mentioned another person but it’s not clear who that was.’

‘Who’s they?’

‘The police.’

‘They’re involved? Well, that’s just swell. Now we’re really in trouble. Boy, oh, boy! We’re in trouble!’

‘Sir, is there anything you want me to do?’

‘No, no, boy, you go get some sleep. You’ll need it. Tomorrow morning we’ll get all this straightened out and it’ll be fine as sugar.’

‘Ok, Sir. I’m really sorry, Sir. I wished I had better news.’

‘Now, now, don’t get all soft on me. What’s done is done. She knew what she was getting herself into hanging out with such a fine piece of work. And now it’s on us to clean up the mess she left behind, like she always does. I say…  did. That’s what I meant to say… anyway, boy, you better get going, it’s gonna be quite a day tomorrow and I need you fresh as a cucumber to deal with the sharks, you hear me?’

‘Yes, Sir. I won’t let you down.’

‘That’s what I want to hear. No matter the whole business with Mr. Fitzsimmons. That’s pennies on the dollar. This is our golden ticket, you hear me? We’re talking major league here, so I want tomorrow to go without a hitch. That’ll show that piece of work Mr. Dubois that we mean business and that he came to the wrong town to try and steal bodies from us. My great-grandfather first established this business back in 1853 and it’s been the finest funeral home the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has ever seen and will ever see so help me god!

‘Very well, Sir. Good night, Sir’

‘You go tuck those little devils of yours in bed and tell them the great tale of John F. Herron and his dream of offering folks the finest resting place in the country. Now. Now. Good night, ma’boy.’


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