Textures #04

It was many years ago in a far away land there was a wreckage and in the wreckage a little girl survived she held on to driftwood and the seagulls fed her dead fish and seaweed and sand the sun cut through her childish skin and her pupils hurt from the brightness of the tropical day but she did not let go and she held on tight finally one day the sea delivered her safely onto an unknown land and the girl lit a fire on the beach and burnt palm leaves and the carcasses of fish for the gods she had dreamed up while at sea for they had protected her the gods were thus born pankot and vindrha they were playful gods like the little girl she would play hide and seek with them and they would help her find coconuts and other fruits at night she would roll up into a ball under a blanket of banana leaves and pankot and vindrha would tuck her in and whisper sweet dreams in her ear like mum and dad used to do she built an altar of branches and stones and animal bones she had collected and she would pour sweet coconut water for them and the gods were pleased with the little girl so they gave her a cockatoo that she named virginia and together they would tell jokes and scare the dumb boobies who came to greet them at breakfast virginia together they collected pebbles and seashells and made necklaces with them that they would offer to pankot and vindrha one day virginia asked the girl why they were offering the necklaces to them and not wearing them but she did not have an answer ‘it’s the way it is’ she said ‘they need the necklaces’ ‘why?’ asked virginia ‘I don’t know I just know they do’ ‘but why?’ insisted the cockatoo and the girl felt uneasy and she did not like her friend anymore and so she stopped playing with the bird and virginia felt hurt and so she spread her wings and flew away into the sunset and at that moment the girl felt it in her heart that the gods were not those she had worshipped but her friend who she had neglected for without virginia there was no reason for any god on that godforsaken place there was no need for a god because gods cannot exist without people and people cannot exist without hope and hope cannot exist without virginia


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