Textures #06


They came in with their metal bodies and their contraptions and we didn’t stand a chance the sound of pulleys and levers the soundtrack to our destruction like knights in shining armour they articulated their moves from the hips and the knees we couldn’t see their faces hidden behind veils of vaporous silks in a thousand hues they were like these visions from a parallel universe where the gods live amongst humans and they eat from the same bread and sleep in the same beds and make love to the inferior humans because unlike gods they feel and touch and taste and smell and what the gods want above all else is to feel and touch and taste and smell the senses were created for the humans as a fault so that they would fall prey to them and falter so that they would realise their own mortality and live in constant pain and fear but then the gods did not could not have predicted that these faults these senses would actually become their greatest creation and now they were fighting the humans to steal the senses from them these senses they were not called that back then they had different names across the earth in mesopotamia they were known as the “me” and the gods fought to control them yet it was the humans who ultimately held the key to their control through their parades and their festivals and their offerings they could control the “me” and the gods were not happy about this but they had given their creation too much power by then and so the began to retreat into the mountains and they were not seen again amongs the mortal ones and now after the cherry trees had blossomed for over ten and sixty rounds these new gods dawned on earth and they were capturing the senses from the mortal ones who handed them over without fighting back slowly through cables and waves and switches they were collecting all of them and the people became numb and they could not fight back these new gods they were clever those few who were not under their spell thought and they studied them and tried to come up with ways to defeat them but they were too powerful for a while some continued to fight but they knew deep down that the reason they would not defeat them was not because they were immortal or undefeatable but because they were the product of human conceit and we loved them too dearly to give them up and so little by little they consumed the mortality of the humans and in the end there were only cables and plastic carcasses left behind and the gods left as the last mortal passed away.


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