Textures #11

I will protect you

I will keep you safe
we laid down naked with the noise of the fan in the background lulling us to sleep it had been especially hot that summer and i could feel the sweat around my nape dampening the pillow your skin felt sticky and feverish and salty against mine your head resting on my chest so you could hear my heart beating i ran my fingers through your hair and observed the angles of your body the light of a car passing by came in through the open window and sharpened the edges of our bodies as some hapless birds chanted their song your eyelids fluttered and i wished i could be in your dreams i had been suffering from insomnia for weeks and my dreams had gone with the dead hours in the middle of the night replaced by anxious thoughts and unspoken fears you looked so peaceful in your sleep i wanted to fold you up and put you in my pocket so that i could take you with me when i left the next morning


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