Textures #50




walking home at night

i put so much hairspray on

i’m getting high on the idea of you

pistols at the ready

come now

let me tell you my stories


you know that first time

i walked you home

green tea at three

i drew shapes and shadows on your skin

so let me say it right

kiss you good night


come on darling

let’s be strangers once again

i want you tonight

but not the way you think

streetlamps and desires

they mean nothing to me

looking into your Van Gogh eyes

you know how they speak to me


perfect symphony

seamless harmony


you know that last time

we walked home

chips on the go

we danced and smiled in the cold night

so let me hold your light

kiss you good bye


come on now angel

let’s hear the stories our bodies have to tell

i will come over tonight

it’s not what you think

cartoons and melodies

we were like little kids

but it was your eyes all along

they speak to me no more


honey you know you are perfect

just the way you are

if they gave me a thousand pennies

i’d make one wish over and over

over and over again


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